Sunday, December 07, 2008

Owen talks the talk, but still doesn't walk the walk

Owen has learned how to say quite a few words. Without a doubt, his first was banana (see the 3rd video below), and his next was doggie. This was quite a surprise to us seeing as how we don't have a dog, or really ever spend time around them, but he mastered that on our trip to South Africa where we spent a lot of time with Sean's aunt and uncle, who have four dogs (see the 1st video below). He's got a few more as well that I haven't managed to catch on camera yet, including cheese (his second-most favorite food after banana), sheep (sounds a lot like cheese I guess), boom and owl. He can also say both Dada and Mama, and I suppose those technically were the first sounds he uttered that could have been words. Dada has become quite frequent now, but (to Mama's annoyance) he hardly ever says Mama! What kind of baby says cheese and owl but not Mama??

Owen has also mastered the art of pointing, and putting objects inside containers then pulling them out again (endless hours of fun). Earlier this week he finally started standing for anywhere from 1-30 seconds on his own without holding on to anything, but we are still waiting for those first steps! I was certain he'd be walking by 10 months (he's now 11 months and 1 week), but I think the delay is because there's no need to walk when you can crawl so well.

This was on our trip to South Africa (Nov 14th).

This and the below video were taken on Nov 19th.

Owen says banana. Or maybe that's na-na-na or na-na. Whatever. He definitely means banana.

Owen with his walker.


At 5:15 AM , Blogger Lindsay said...

Oh, don't worry. Lincoln still isn't walking or talking at 13 months. None of my others walked until 14 months and they are all good walkers now. Lincoln definitely prefers getting around in what we like to call 4 wheel drive! It is just so much faster to crawl!


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