Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More Owen

Owen will be 6 months old this Saturday, and he is hitting lots of fun developmental milestones. Not only has he started solid food but he is rolling onto his belly constantly (especially when he's supposed to be going to sleep), moving in circles once he's there (no real forward movement yet), and starting to sit up.

This video is from June 13. You can see that he wants to move...

Now compare to the below video, from today (June 25). This kid is DESPERATE to crawl and is making headway everyday. Time to cover all the electrical outlets and get rid of dangling cords...

He's also pretty much figured out how to sit on his own, although he still needs us (or pillows) nearby in case he topples. I (Mommy) learned that lesson the hard way when he tumbled forward last week and ended up smashing his head on a rattle, giving him a black eye. I was right there behind him but somehow didn't move quickly enough to grab him before he fell... I suppose it will be the first of many scrapes and bruises but it wasn't pleasant (for me or for him).


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Owen's first food...

Okay, here is the video from a few minutes ago. I think we can say that that start of the weaning process has been a success.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Videos of Owen's 5th month

Here are several videos of Owen's fifth month (he was 5 months old on 28 May). We figured this might be a better way than Facebook to share videos with non-Facebook members, and it's slightly less public than YouTube... Yes, there are a lot, but all are cute (in our humble opinions). Besides, the grandparents requested videos!

Owen loves the Red Sox.

He also loves to blow raspberries.

In the Bumbo chair (stop hitting yourself).

Did I mention that he loves the Red Sox? (Or that he puts EVERYTHING into his mouth? See the below video also.)

A couple of videos in the exer-saucer: